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The NVBOTS of 2016: Exciting Times Ahead!

The NVBOTS of 2016: Exciting Times Ahead!

By AJ Perez

As I reflect back on 2015, I continue to be impressed by the growing NVBOTS team and am so proud of their efforts. Not only are they responsible for developing truly transformative 3D printing technology, the loyalty and level of service they provide to our customers and partners goes unmatched in the industry. From partner organizations such as The Boy Scouts and Citizen Schools to well-known companies such as Staples, we continue to receive accolades about the value of our technology and the expertise and loyalty of our team.  That is because there is not a single other 3D printing company out there that has the level of passion for 3D printing we do (and the technological know-how to back it up). In fact, it is our unique DNA that makes me even more excited for what lies ahead in 2016!

As NVBOTS has evolved, our focus has been on a three-part evolution: education, innovation and commercialization. In 2016, in addition to our partner schools benefiting from the latest NVBOTS innovations and curricula designed to inspire students, be on the lookout for completely new technology that will transform the way companies deliver on their innovations to the marketplace. This will involve the introduction of never-before-seen printing capabilities, the creation of an entirely new NVBOTS division and the addition of prominent industry visionaries. The convergence of all these together will enable companies on a global scale to commercialize their innovations in ways never before thought possible.

NVBOTS has been leading the way since developing the first fully automated printer (in the world), able to run 24×7 without human interaction. Now, by integrating truly disruptive technology, world-renowned leaders, our unparalleled passion for 3D printing and our ability to essentially create an automated factory in a box (for ANYONE to use), the NVBOTS of 2016 (and beyond) is on track to be the go-to resource for automated enterprise 3D printing solutions – worldwide!

NVBOTS: Any Part. Any Material. Any Time. Anywhere. Sound good to you?