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Unleash Creativity in Every Student with 3D Printing

NVBOTS’ mission is to make 3D printing as easy as paper printing. NVBOTS makes it easy to connect every student and teach with a 3D printer. Students with access to intuitive and easy-to-use 3D printing resources are empowered to become problem solvers and leaders.

A 3D Printer for Education

Shareable. Classwide, Schoolwide, Districtwide.

NVBOTS 3D printing solutions are Built to Share™.  The NVPro automated 3D printer can be shared with a class of 10 students or a district of 10,000. No other solution allows you to instantly provide 3D printing access for an entire campus or district.

Hands-On, Project-Based Learning

Today’s schools are too often constrained to two-dimensional forms of communication: worksheets, tv screens, and whiteboards. Overcome the constraints of the two-dimensional world by adding expert-tested 3D printable projects and visual aids to your education experience using NVLibrary.

Lowest Cost Per Student for 3D Printing

NVBOTS offers the only automated 3D printing solution built for teachers by teachers. You can now create thousands of educational models without wasting a minute of teaching time. There is no other cost-effective solution for providing 3D printing access for your entire school.

Download our Buyer’s Guide

3D Printer Education Buyer's Guide
Download our Buyer's Guide

Provide 3D Printing Access to Every Student and Teacher

1. Receive your NVPro Automated 3D Printers.


2. Automatically deploy NVCloud accounts to every teacher and student.


3. Empower every student to be a problem solver.

Curricula, Lesson Plans, and More. Free.

Built For Teachers, By Teachers

Every NVPro comes with free, unlimited access to NVLibrary, an online resource with everything you need to integrate 3D printing into your classrooms — on day one.


curriculum-icons_Curriculum Ready

3D Printing Curricula

Learn 21st century skills for engineering and 3D design.


3D Printable Curricula

100+ hands-on lesson plans to enhance existing curricula.

Expert Certified

NVLibrary is reviewed by education experts to ensure a seamless classroom experience.

See what happens when students are empowered to bring their ideas to life.

See How Easy It Is to Use NVCloud

3D Print From Any Device

NVCloud is the easiest 3D printing software to incorporate into your workflow. Access your 3D printers from any smartphone, tablet, Chromebook, or desktop computer.

Built to Share

Whether you are a university of 10,000+ or a local independent school, NVCloud is the only scalable solution to share your 3D printers with everyone.

Industry Grade Security

NVCloud leverages data transfer over SSL and automatic encryption of your data once it is uploaded. We keep your most critical research and projects safe.

The Workhorse 3D Printer

Automated Part Ejection

NVBOTS’ patented part ejection technology changes the way that we use 3D printing. 3D print a single custom job or thousands.

Reliability First

We know that when you use equipment, you expect it to work. We have tested the NVPro for over 18 years of continuous printing and over 100,000 parts have been submitted to our printers. The NVPro is built to last.

Extended Support Plans

3D print with confidence using our extended support plans. With the basic support plan, we keep your NVPro running with phone and web support. For full peace of mind, we offer the premium support plan with phone and web support, parts, and on-site service. Our goal is to keep you 3D printing 24/7.

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Certified Materials

We supply top quality materials that our customers need. NV Certified materials are tested and calibrated by NVBOTS engineers so that you get consistent results every time you print, starting with job #1.

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Print with Any Device

With CI SAAM being cloud-based, you are no longer tied to a resource heavy software to begin your 3D printing job.
The CICloud strives to both free up teacher time and enable greater student access.  This is one of the reasons we are the ideal 3D printer for education.

Software Requirements - Web Browser and Internet Access

You can now quickly slice and prepare a project for 3D printing. You can now 3D Print with a Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, MacOS, Android, Windows, and even Blackberry. No longer is 3D printing depending on your hardware or operating system.

Remote Monitoring

Sitting at home on a Saturday? Want to ensure projects are completed for Monday’s class? You can now remotely monitor and administer our 3D Printer from your cell phone. Gone are the days of stopping by the classroom to scrape off a part to keep your projects running.