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About Us

Our Vision is a future where anyone can make any part, in any material, any time, anywhere.

Our Mission is to make 3D printing as easy as printing on paper.

Our History

In November 2017, New Valence Robotics® (NVBOTS) was acquired by Cincinnati Incorporated (CI).  CI was founded in 1898 as the Cincinnati Shaper Company. The company is a global technology leader in manufacturing laser cutting systems, press brakes, shears, powdered metal presses, and additive manufacturing machines. The company is based out of a 500,000-square-foot plant on a 300-acre site in Harrison, OH.

Founded by a team of MIT engineers and based in Boston, MA, NVBOTS provides enterprise 3D printing solutions that deliver high throughput production of parts in a wide range of materials for any application.

Our first product shipped in 2016. The NVPro – an automated 3D printing solution – is Built to Share™. It offers the first automated part ejection in the industry, and is paired with NVCloud software that allows users to print parts anytime, from any device – while providing administrators with full control of print queues and workflows typical in a shared-use scenario. The NVPro is uniquely suited for continuous 24-7 operation in multi-user environments and production 3D printing environments. Organizations including global manufacturing businesses and local independent schools use our solution to easily 3D print any geometry, from anywhere, at any time.

Our NVLabs division integrates cloud software and hardware to make 3D printing affordable and easy. At NVLabs we utilize the data and lessons learned from the NVBOTS ecosystem in order to create the next generation of intelligent manufacturing systems.

These advantages, coupled with our established NVPro platform, position NVBOTS to revolutionize the additive manufacturing industry.

NVBOTS solves the toughest problems in 3D printing with education, innovation and commercialization.