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Give Your Students the Gift of a Better STEAM Education in 2016!

Give Your Students the Gift of a Better STEAM Education in 2016!

As we close out 2015 and take time to enjoy what’s left of the holiday season, many of us are filled with the promise of 2016 - and how things can be better in the new year. For teachers in particular, finding new ways to inspire students can be a particularly rewarding goal. After all, one of the best parts about being a teacher is to see a student get genuinely excited about learning something new. For example, in STEAM education, one of the most impactful ways to motivate a student is through exposing them to a learning environment that is truly hands-on.

In fact, once they see they have the ability to truly make something on their own and know they can create certain designs, their confidence level goes up considerably. This is why empowering young inventors with 3D printing capabilities is paramount.

Already proven to play a critical role in STEAM education, 3D printing is transforming how students learn by offering a hands-on experience that inspires them to pay attention to details, get more creative and see the physical realization of their work.  Simply talking about the way a student should do something only goes so far. Getting students to truly create something makes it real and can ultimately inspire them to take the incremental steps that often lead to being the one to invent the “next big thing”, since they are challenged to think differently.

That is why, at NVBOTS, we place a significant focus on empowering STEAM educators with our NVPro 3D Printer (given a positive review by Tech & Learning earlier this fall).  Each student who uses the NVPro is excited, asks questions and demonstrates genuine interest in their subject matter, because they are given the ability to create things and bring their own ideas to life! In fact, the NVBOTS team gets the opportunity to see this excitement first-hand, on a regular basis, when we are onsite at partner schools, such as Citizen Schools and Boy Scouts.   

As you reflect on the impact you have had on your students over the past year and resolve to make 2016 even better, it is not too late to add 3D printing to your wish list!

Want to learn more? Reach out to us at [email protected] for a demo and information on how to easily get an NVPro into your school.

Happy Holidays!