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NVLABS: The Face of High-Speed, Multi-Metal 3D Printing

NVLABS: The Face of High-Speed, Multi-Metal 3D Printing

As NVBOTS has evolved, our focus has always been on a three-part evolution: education, innovation and commercialization. And for the past couple of years, NVBOTS has had great success in the education sector, being viewed as the 3D printing solution of choice for many schools, responsible for inspiring students to innovate in new and exciting ways. In fact, The Sizer School just became the first public school in the world to open 3D printing access to its entire student body and our 3D printing experience at Citizen Schools has had a direct impact on improving student efficacy rates.

Now, with last week’s NVLABS announcement, I am proud to say we are delivering on the commercialization phase of that evolution.

As 3D Printing Industry put it, the world of metal 3D printing became “a lot more interesting” with our announcement. NVLABS, an R&D division dedicated to the development and implementation of never- before-seen 3D printing technology is led by renowned metallurgy expert Dr. Paul Burke as Chief Research Officer. The first deliverable coming out of NVLABS? Ultra-high speed multi-metal 3D printing capable of fabricating stainless steel, titanium, nickel, copper nickel, aluminum, zirconium, silver and palladium in the same build — and at 10x the speed of current metal 3D printers.

Through the establishment of NVLABS and bringing on Dr. Paul Burke, we are breaking new ground in enterprise 3D printing by delivering unmatched multi-metal printing capabilities, allowing companies on a global scale to commercialize their innovations in ways never before thought possible – and significantly cheaper than any 3D printer on the market.

Further, not only do companies partnering with NVLABS get to benefit from what is essentially an automated factory in a box, they are able to take advantage of NVBOTS expertise. This is critical, since the benefits of combining metals opens up completely new methods of design unprecedented in the world of manufacturing. Designing for multi-metal production requires a different mindset that far surpasses any “new” 3D printing approaches being discussed today.

NVLABS is defining multi-metal 3D printing in a way that will forever change manufacturing and engineering processes – and we are just getting started.

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