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The goal of NVLabs is to “close the loop” on industrial manufacturing systems.

Areas of Research


Big Data

Material Science

IoT Security

Human Interfaces

A Letter from the Director

Arjun Chandar
Director, NVLABS

NVLabs is the proving ground for NVBOTS’ most ambitious research and innovations. At NVBOTS we integrate cloud software and hardware to make 3D printing affordable and easy. At NVLabs we utilize the data and lessons learned from the NVBOTS ecosystem in order to create the next generation of intelligent manufacturing systems.

We are currently experiencing a sea change in global manufacturing. Ubiquitous computing and digital communication networks enable an unprecedented level of machine autonomy. While intelligent manufacturing systems provide exciting business opportunities, their scale and complexity remain unmanageable without the proper tools.

The NVLabs team tirelessly develops solutions in four critical areas; Security, Big Data, Material Science and Human Interfaces. We see a significant opportunity in each of these areas to build the tools to enable truly closed loop manufacturing systems and lead the development of Industry 4.0.

At NVLabs we develop the tools necessary to win.

From Our Labs



Khosla Ventures leads $5 million Series A financing of Digital Alloys, Inc., a multi-metal 3D printing spin-out of NVBOTS.

Digital Alloys, Inc. develops high-speed, multi-metal additive manufacturing systems that print production quality parts, in almost any metal, at a fraction of the cost of other systems. The dramatic cost advantages of the Digital Alloys system make 3D metal printing economical for a greatly expanded variety of applications.

Digital Alloys is building the fastest metal 3D printer we’ve seen, and it uses low-cost wire as its raw material. These factors will yield large advantages in cost-per-printed-part.

Dr. Vijit SabnisVenture Partner, Khosla Ventures

We are pleased to add one of the world’s top venture capital firms to the Digital Alloys team. Khosla Ventures has deep expertise and connections in the additive manufacturing industry that will help accelerate the launch of our first products.

Duncan McCallumCEO, Digital Alloys Inc.

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