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NVBOTS: Pushing the Limits of Possibility with 3D Printing

NVBOTS: Pushing the Limits of Possibility with 3D Printing

Since our founding, NVBOTS has been committed to delivering on a three-part evolution: education, innovation and commercialization. And our DNA as a company is built on being able to bring ideas to life. To start, we wanted to make fully-automated 3D printing a reality. We have since delivered on that vision, through developing the world’s first fully-automated 3D printer, and we are now enabling others to deliver on their dreams. In education, we’ve enabled students to feel empowered to create things never before imaginable, fueling a level of confidence and inspiration that will enable them to do extraordinary things as they grow. And the world is taking notice. Last week, NVBOTS was recognized by Fast Company as being a Top 10 Most Innovative Company in Education.

For businesses, we are taking things even further through NVLABS and our ability to offer what is essentially an automated factory in a box, based on the only 3D printing technology in the world that can print multiple metals in the same build.  Through this technology, NVBOTS is enabling companies on a global scale to commercialize their innovations. We are allowing them to capitalize on opportunities related to a growing list of metals that includes stainless steel, titanium, nickel, copper nickel, aluminum, zirconium, silver and palladium. Any company seeking ultra high-speed, multi-metal and automated enterprise 3D printing solutions will benefit from working with NVBOTS.

Further, I am proud to say that, in addition to our groundbreaking technology, the caliber of individuals we have recently brought on to lead NVBOTS into this new era is as equally impressive.  In January, we announced the appointment of renowned metallurgy expert Dr. Paul Burke as Chief Research Officer for NVLABS. We then welcomed manufacturing and engineering expert Dr. Michael Foley to our Board of Directors, earlier this month. And just last week, our board of directors expanded further, when we announced the addition of Carey Chen, CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board of Cincinnati Incorporated, bringing more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and industrial engineering to the role.

Together, along with entire NVBOTS team, we are getting truly transformative 3D printing technology into the hands of engineers, manufacturers and designers around the world. We are also completely disrupting existing markets, such as the metal castings sector, which will have a direct impact on the aerospace, medical and automotive industries, among others.    

NVBOTS stands at the intersection of machine learning, advanced printers and cloud software, tirelessly pursuing better, smarter and faster solutions. Looking forward, we see a global network of 3D printers (factories in a box) designed to instantly serve high-end industrial engineering needs. There is a new age of manufacturing dawning and NVBOTS is at the forefront - making the impossible a reality.

NVBOTS: Any Part. Any Material. Any Time. Anywhere.

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