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Building a New House: Within Reach Thanks to 3D Printing!

Building a New House: Within Reach Thanks to 3D Printing!

Creating your own house simply by way of an axe, hammer, screws, and some logs seems out of the realm of possibility for most. Fortunately, thanks to WinSun Decoration Design Engineering, located in China, easily building your own house is not as far-fetched as you may think. Based on modern technology, and with the help of giant 3D printers, this company is able to create houses in which people can actually live.

 So, How Was It Done?

This company used 33 x 22 feet 3D printers in order to get this job done. A mixture of cement (quick dried to speed up the process) and construction waste is oozed out of these gigantic extruder heads, creating these 2,000 square feet works of art.


 Look At These Things!

 What Does This All Mean?

The process of creating quick dried houses is extremely cost effective, with each house costing less than $5,000 to make. According to, the ease of this process “…means that construction workers are less likely to be exposed to hazardous materials or work environments. Plus, it’s eco-friendly”

Stay tuned, the next 3D printed skyscraper might just be right around the corner!