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NVBOTS: Inspiring Young Minds at the Camp Sayre STEM Camp!

NVBOTS: Inspiring Young Minds at the Camp Sayre STEM Camp!

In late March, NVBOTS announced that we entered into a formal partnership with the Boy Scouts of America, Boston Minuteman Council, focused on providing a motivating 3D printing experience to scouts who aspire to become innovators in science and engineering!

One of the first initiatives coming out of the partnership was our presence at the Camp Sayre STEM Camp earlier this spring – and it was a success! Our NVPro ran non-stop throughout the week, enabling more than 120 scouts to experience the excitement of turning their ideas into realities through 3D printing.

Every scout was buzzing about the NVPro and there were continuously groups gathered around the printer, excited to watch the printer in action and learn more about 3D printing in general.  Two of the groups were those focused on Inventing & Engineering and Nuclear Science & Automotive Maintenance. While some had previous experience with other 3D printers, they were all amazed at the NVPro and how it truly allowed them to see what is possible!

Since the event, three schools have already signed up for the Fall STEM camp. In the meantime, the NVPro will be part of a regular weekend schedule throughout the summer, for scouts wanting to learn more about 3D printing.

NVBOTS is proud to be partnering with such a great organization and we look forward to updating you on additional milestones in the months to come!