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Inspiring Students and Teachers at The Sizer School with 3D Printing

Inspiring Students and Teachers at The Sizer School with 3D Printing

Today NVBOTS annouces that we will enable teachers and students at The Sizer School, a North Central Charter Essential School, to take learning to an entirely new level with 3D printing. Initially starting out as a pilot program, the NVPro 3D printer is now incorporated into teachers’ lesson plans, creating an environment where everyone is inspired to learn more, while being able to turn their ideas into realties.

“The Sizer School offers an interdisciplinary approach to education that is both inclusive and intellectually challenging,” says Linda Tarantino, Instructional and Technology Integration Coach at The Sizer School. “As we strive to inspire passionate and creative life-long learners, NVBOTS has been a true partner every step of the way. In addition to bringing staff onsite to train everyone on the NVPro, while educating us on all of the great things 3D printing has to offer, they have taught our students so much more than 3D printing. They model what it means to be an engineer and create a technology start-up company.”

The Sizer School, formerly the North Central Charter Essential School, is a 7-12 grade urban public charter school in Massachusetts, serving about 370 students. Approximately 45 percent of students qualify for free and reduced lunch. When NVBOTS agreed to pilot the NVPro 3D printer, there wasn’t a staff member in the building who had any experience with 3D printing or designing for 3D printing. Now, 3D printing plays an integral role across several areas of curricula at The Sizer School, in addition to science and math classes.

For instance, members of an 8th grade class were learning about Helen Keller and created Braille name tags with the NVPro. Another group of students in 7th grade English class were writing their own fairy tales and used the NVPro to make related bookmarks. With student interest growing daily, The Sizer School even established a 3D Printer Club for students interested in exploring 3D printing outside of normal school hours.

“NVBOTS is dedicated to inspiring young minds by exposing them to the experiential learning needed to excel in the world,” says our CEO AJ Perez.  “We look forward to collaborating with The Sizer School on additional programs in the months ahead, creating valuable experiences that will make a lasting impact on student development and their ability to achieve personal greatness.”