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Back-to-School…with NVBOTS!

As summer winds down and students of all ages head back to school, there is a lot of excitement regarding what the future will hold. In fact, many students may be thinking of how they can make a difference in the world by creating something entirely new — something that could possibly be the NEXT BIG THING! In the New England area and beyond, you can feel the spirit of innovation in the air – and NVBOTS is excited to play an important role in fueling that innovation.

Not only does the NVPro empower students and teachers to 3D print in ways never before thought possible, but they are also able to take advantage of a wide range of 3D printable curricula, some of which were announced on July 29. The curricula not only includes 3D printing for Prosthetics and the Intro to 3D Design and Engineering modules, but also other plans tied to: the Nature of Light, Gravity, The Egg Drop Challenge — even the Pythagorean Theorem. And there are many more!

In fact, in the coming months, NVBOTS will be introducing lesson plans focused on history and the arts, based on the success of the STEM-focused plans and teacher requests. These include modules focused on the geography and history of Greece, the cotton gin, the Trojan horse and the USS Monitor, to name just a few.  

With fall comes new beginnings! Interested in how you can begin a year of excitement and innovation at your school? Contact us at [email protected] and we can get you on the path to your best year yet!