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3D Printable Curricula

Easily integrate an NVPro into your classroom and start printing today with NVBOTS’ certified curriculum. NVBOTS curriculum is developed in line with the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Enhance your classroom with project-based, experiential learning. Lessons are available for mathematics, physical sciences, life sciences, earth/spaces sciences, engineering, 3D design, English language arts, and more!

Curriculum List

Chapter 1: Physical Sciences

The Nature of Light

Coiled Electric Motors

Inductor Radios

Chapter 2: Life Sciences

Muscular Contraction

Protein Structure

Rendering Biological Molecules

Chapter 3: Earth and Space Sciences


Plate Motion and the Inner Earth

Chapter 4: Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science

Rube Goldberg Machine

Wind Power

Egg Drop

Chapter 5: Mathematics

Conic Section

Pythagorean Theorem

Chapter 6: English Language Arts

Sentence Structure

… and many more!

...with new lessons developed every day!

We provide a diverse list of lesson plans, covering a wide range of subjects. The entire collection is included in all of our packages.

Take a Look at an Example Lesson Plan from our Library

Rube Goldberg Machine

Certified Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Learn More