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Welcome to 2015!

As we close out 2014 and kick off what promises to be GREAT 2015, I want to extend my thanks to our supporters and our growing community of partners for what was an amazing year that has put us in a strong position for the year ahead. From the opening of our new Boston office, to our product launch and successful completion of our Fundable Rewards Campaign, 2014 has paved the way for new opportunities in 2015, as we change the way the world views (and takes advantage of) 3D printing.

For example, in the coming weeks, NVBOTS will be releasing some exciting news for educators seeking to easily integrate 3D printing into their learning curricula. Also, our 2015 pipeline to get our NVPro printer into schools is growing and our partnerships with incredible organizations such as Citizen Schools continue to thrive. In particular, we are proud of how we have been able to dramatically improve student efficacy rates – together – as we weave the NVPro printer into the fabric of learning experiences provided to aspiring students.

The NVBOTS team has worked hard creating a 3D printing experience unlike any other, which has resulted in considerable growth and successes over the course of 2014. As we greet 2015 with our eyes wide open, we welcome you to partner with us in giving young and creative individuals the tools (and experiences) that will enable them to benefit from the physical realization of their ideas. At NVBOTS, we are putting smiles on student faces, while delivering on our commitment to democratize 3D printing and motivate a new generation of inventors to follow their dreams.

Here’s to making dreams a reality in 2015… and Happy New Year!