NVBOTS Introduction

NVBOTS is an additive manufacturing company that designs and produces the world’s first fully automated 3D printer. Our 3D printing solution is easy to use and easy to share with our cloud-based interface system and automation technology. Users can upload parts remotely from their computer, tablet, or smartphone through a web browser. Printing jobs are processed and queued in the cloud. Our fully automated process removes printed parts automatically from the NVPrinter’s build volume without the need for human presence. Subsequent print jobs begin automatically.

The NVPrinter utilizes Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), also popularly known as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). FFF printers use heating chambers to liquefy thermoplastic materials, which are fed into the system as a strand of filament. They employ an extruder which forces this filament through the heating chamber and then through a small nozzle, ejecting the molten plastic in layers. Once a layer is printed and has adequately cooled, the printer begins the next layer, and so on until the part is complete.

Our cloud interface has two control sliders that users can adjust. One slider determines the final quality of the part and the other slider determines the final strength of the part. The two inputs are high-level extrapolations of over 100 variables that are used to generate the tool paths for the NVPrinter.

These features of our technology create a system that turns 3D printing from a cumbersome, technical process into an easy way for everyone to bring their ideas to life.


  1. Qasim 7 months ago

    Very good products. Are you already doing a commercial version of this machine? If yes, what is the possibility of partnering with your company in Africa?

    Qasim Adegbite

    • Chris Haid 6 months ago

      Qasim, great question. We currently offer commercial packages in the United States, but we will be bringing our product worldwide soon. Keep an eye out!

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