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3D Printable Curricula: The Blueprint for Innovation in Education

Last week, NVBOTS announced new 3D Printable Curricula, based on Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. Our goal? To help educators easily integrate 3D printing into their classrooms. At NVBOTS, we are committed to education and motivating the next generation of innovators to create in ways never before thought possible. Introducing 3D printable curricula is a logical next step.

Granting students access to 3D printers enables them to literally build tomorrow’s great ideas today. However, the experience is entirely more powerful when 3D printable curricula is incorporated into existing teaching plans. This enables students to put 3D printing into practice when challenged to think about ways to do things better, prove new theories - or dispute exiting ones.

The NV Library offers several educational modules to choose from. For instance, our Spectroscope module enables students to learn about the nature of light, through observing wavelengths of light arising from various sources. The Rube Goldberg Machine module gives students the opportunity to build their own Rube Goldberg machine with 3D printable components. And the list goes on…

From medicine and healthcare to engineering and manufacturing, incorporating 3D printing into your own curricula will give your students the application-specific (and real-world) experience needed to not only thrive in the classroom, but inspire them to challenge the status quo in ways never before thought possible.