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NVBOTS Gains Traction in Commercial Sector Following Education Market Success

Businesses Now Relying on NVBOTS for Rapid Prototyping


BOSTON, MA - (October 7, 2015)NVBOTS, creator of the world’s first fully-automated 3D printer for business and education, today announced it is gaining traction in the commercial sector. Following the broad adoption of its NVPro 3D printer in the education market, NVBOTS is starting to count business leaders, such as Staples, as adopters of its easy-to-use and share 3D printing technology.  

“Essentially, there are three steps to the innovation process, which include education, innovation and commercialization,” said NVBOTS CEO AJ Perez. “NVBOTS has been focused on educating the next generation of scientists, engineers, designers and inventors on design for 3D printing, which is why we have been catering to schools and universities. Next comes innovation, with more and more people understanding how to leverage 3D printing in their businesses, which ultimately leads to commercialization. By providing what is essentially an ‘automated factory in a box’, we are making it easy for companies to rapidly prototype new products and commercialize innovative ideas faster than ever before.”

Staples’ R&D team relies on the NVPro for rapid prototyping during the early-stage development phase of products, such as phone chargers and general office supplies.

“The NVPro is ideal for businesses such as ours,” said Staples Director of Design and Innovation Dan Reilly. “It has the capability to run 24/7, is cloud connected, has automated part removal and a print queue, and offers video monitoring so you can confirm it’s running and check the status of parts being printed. This allows the team the freedom to work on multiple projects and collaborate with international counterparts, as the traditional wait time for 3D printed products is not conducive to a regular work schedule.”

The NVBOTS 3D printing experience is easy-to-use and easy-to-share, based on the NVPro, the first end-to-end 3D printing solution with automated part removal. Paired with the NVBOTS cloud-based interface, the NVPro runs continuously, from any device. The company also provides certified filament that has been tested on the NVBOTS printers, as well as full service support to all users, including guidance on best practices.

“With 3D printing, companies are able to make more sophisticated parts and enhance products in ways never before thought possible,” added Perez. “NVBOTS is excited to lead the charge in this area, as we give businesses of all sizes the capabilities needed to capitalize on their next big idea.”

NVBOTS has disrupted the 3D printing world by creating the industry’s first fully-automated 3D printer and cloud-connected platform. Focused on helping educators and businesses bring ideas to life, NVBOTS is passionate about providing 3D printing technology anybody can use, making the manufacturing aspects of 3D printing so simple that user focus can truly be on innovating. The company’s easy-to-use and easy-to-share 3D printing experience is based on the NVPro, the first end-to-end 3D printing solution with automated part removal. Paired with the NVBOTS cloud-based interface, the NVPro runs continuously, 24-7 from any device. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @NVBOTS and on LinkedIn.


AJ Perez, CEO

New Valence Robotics Corporation

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