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Transforming the Way Businesses Work

NVBOTS’ mission is to make enterprise 3D printing as easy as paper printing. NVBOTS makes it easy for businesses to connect each of their employees with 3D printers. By empowering employees with easy-to-use and reliable resources, businesses unlock latent creativity and problem solving abilities across the entire team.

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A 3D Printer for Business

Rapid Iteration

The NVPro automated 3D printer speeds the design process like never before. A engineering team can now send 10 models to a 3D printer and return to all 10 printed models, rather than the single model that non-automated 3D printers can provide.

Economic High-Capacity Production

Only low-volume production was feasible with yesterday’s 3D printers. With the NVPro automated 3D printer, it is now possible to easily produce anything from a single custom component to a production run of thousands of parts without the need for a full-time operator.

3D Printing Access for Everyone

When everyone can print, new opportunities appear. Whether it is a fixture for the manufacturing floor or a concept model for the marketing team, the ability to quickly and easily go from thought to reality is transformed by access to 3D printing resources.

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Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods





Provide 3D Printing Access to Every Member of the Team

1. Receive your NVPro Automated 3D Printers.

2. Automatically deploy NVCloud accounts to every team member.

3. Empower every team member to be a problem solver.


See How Easy It Is to Use NVCloud

3D Print From Any Device

NVCloud is the easiest 3D printing software to incorporate into your workflow. Access your 3D printers from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Manage Globally

Whether you are an international enterprise of 10,000 or a creative team of 10, NVCloud is the only scalable solution to manage your 3D printers and users.

Industry-Leading Security

NVCloud leverages data transfer over SSL and automatic encryption of your data once it is uploaded. We keep your mission-critical data safe.


The Workhorse 3D Printer


Reliability First

We know that when you use equipment, you expect it to work. We have tested the NVPro for over 17 years of continuous printing and over 75,000 parts have been submitted to our printers. The NVPro is made in America and is built to last.

Automated Part Ejection

The NVPro’s patented part ejection technology changes the way that we use 3D printing. 3D print a custom model or thousands of parts without an operator.

NVCare Protection

3D print with confidence. With NVCare, we keep your NVPro running with a 3 year warranty, phone support, web support, and repairs. Our goal is to keep you 3D printing 24/7.

Technical Specifications

Build Envelope 7.9″ x 7.4″ x 9.4″
(76cm x 19cm x 24cm)
Printer Dimensions 30″ x 22″ x 23″
(76cm x 56cm x 59cm)
Layer Height Standard (0.007″) / Fast (0.012″)
Standard (0.2mm) / Fast (0.3mm)
Minimum Layer Height 0.0002″ (0.05mm)
Nozzle Diameter 0.016″ (0.4mm)
Material Delivery 2.2 lb spool (1 kg spool)
Certified Build Materials ABS, PLA (Inquire regarding other material options)
Max Print Temperature 300°C
Print Bed Heated
Drive Type Direct Drive
Power Requirements 240 W
Connectivity Ethernet
Software NVCloud (1st admin account included)

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Certified Materials

We supply top quality materials that our customers need. NV Certified materials are tested and calibrated by NVBOTS engineers so that you get consistent results every time you print, starting with job #1.

Today, the following materials are included in the NVBOTS Certified Materials Catalogue.

  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS): ABS is a common thermoplastic. It offers improved toughness, impact resistance, and heat resistance. ABS is machined easily by common shop equipment. Create durable, end-use parts.
  • Polylactic Acid (PLA): PLA is a polyester thermoplastic. Parts printed in PLA are low-warping and have sharper features. PLA is a biodegradable bioplastic that is perfect for use in the office. Produce high-fidelity, detailed parts.


NEW! The NVPro can 3D print in a wide array of materials including acetal, nylon, polycarbonate, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polypropylene, and many more. Interested in other materials? Apply for our Material Developer Program.

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