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White House Science Fair

White House Science Fair

Working with Newton North High School for our pilot program was such a wonderful experience. In fact, when we were presented with a chance to work with them a second time, we couldn’t say no. Chris Haid (Co-founder of NVBots) jumped right on the opportunity and got even more excited when he learned about the Pedestrian Alert System they invented. This invention would potentially save the lives of those crossing the street in developing countries who couldn’t afford to have proper road safety equipment.


Not only were the students at Newton North leveraging the knowledge we instilled in them about 3D printing, but they were using the technology to change the lives of people they have never met.

Chris had agreed to print their model — not aware of how far these students would soar with it. Their model was printed with PLA plastic and in 6-inch segments. Once printed, Chris attached the segments with superglue. The entire printing process took about one month to complete.

After Chris presented the fully-assembled Pedestrian Alert System, the students at NNHS went all the way to the White House Science Fair with their model. That is where they presented their model (and vision for usage) in front of President Obama himself. We are so proud of our students at NNHS and are honored to have been involved in such an innovative and monumental invention!