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Xploration Earth 2050…and how NVBOTS is Making a Difference!

Xploration Earth 2050: 3D Printing from NVBOTS on Vimeo

This past weekend, NVBOTS was featured in the Xploration Earth episode on 3D Printing! The broadcast covered everything from 3D-Printed human organs and 3D Printing in space, to internationally-famous singer and record producer’s 3D Printing collaboration with Coca-Cola (printing 3D objects out of used plastic bottles).  And the list goes on. After all, 3D Printing is an extremely powerful and disruptive technology that has virtually no limits and will forever change the way we make things!

3D Printing allows you to build anything you want and NVBOTS is proud to be a leader in this area. Specifically, NVBOTS wants to empower the new generation of inventors by giving them a tool to build products they create themselves. To support this mission, we plan to get the NVPrinter into as many schools as possible, enabling each student to bring their own ideas to life.

With 3D Printing, young students can create their ideas on computers and watch them come to life overnight, or even within hours. As you will see in the episode, having an NVPrinter in the classroom greatly increases the creativity (and enthusiasm) of the students at our partner schools. In fact, many want to come in at odd times to work on their designs.

3D Printing takes hands-on learning to a whole new level. Further, students can be actively involved in creating parts of their own course work. From their perspective, 3D Printing gives them a sense of control. Their controlling what they are learning and how they are learning it – in a better way and more quickly.

If you have some time, take a look at the broadcast! 3D Printing is a technology that really has the potential to influence and shape almost EVERY PART OF THE WORLD as we know it today. It completely unleashes creativity and NVBOTS is honored to play a role in getting everyone involved with 3D Printing!