Made@ MassChallenge Launches!

MADE@ MassChallenge Opening from MassChallenge on Vimeo.

As most of you have probably seen, MassChallenge launched Made@ this Tuesday. Designed to encourage onsite prototyping, the 5,000 square-foot maker space will be home to between 25 and 40 hardware startups later this year.

Prior to building Made@, MassChallenge participants who were looking to create a prototype had no central place to go. They had to navigate various resources across the state to build their device, a process that took time and limited their ability to iterate.

For NVBOTS, we feel having access to onsite prototyping capabilities is particularly important. NVBOTS was essentially established based on the founding team’s frustration when trying to create a product prototype while at MIT. We were unable to create the prototype needed due to the lack of a quality 3D printer. Instead of settling for the norm, we set out to build our own printer, which (though development efforts and enhancements over the years), has come to be known as the NVPro 3D Printer.

Much like our goal of inspiring the next generation of innovators to bring their ideas to life, MassChallenge is doing the same with the launch of Made@. We encourage startups in the MassChallenge program to take advantage of this valuable resource as they turn their dreams into realities!


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