Why our Fundable Campaign Matters

Last month, NVBOTS launched its Fundable Rewards Campaign, to get the NVPrinter into schools that do not have any other financial means of obtaining a 3D Printer. The campaign underscores our focus on giving students access to 3D Printers, empowering them to think and work in a way that inspires them to turn a great idea into an incredible reality.

As part of this campaign, we are collaborating with Citizen Schools to help make the biggest impact possible through these donations, with initial NVPrinter donations going to Citizen Schools partner schools in Boston and Chelsea, MA.

Alternatively, if you have a particular school system in mind you feel would benefit from the NVPrinter experience, I encourage you to participate in our campaign today. You can either donate an amount that will go toward a printer or donate the amount equal to a full NVPrinter package. Not only will you receive rewards based on the donation, you will be able to participate in a very gratifying experience – knowing you are making a difference in student futures and education as a whole.

There are 19 days left! Please join us in our mission to enable students of all backgrounds and ages to innovate in ways never thought imaginable.

NVBOTS: 3D Printing Made Easy on Fundable.com from NVBOTS.


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