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Cincinnati Incorporated Debuts SAAM at FabTech

Cincinnati Incorporated Debuts SAAM at FabTech

Cincinnati Incorporated and NVBOTS introduce new rapid prototyping complement to BAAM. SAAM (Small Area Additive Manufacturing) saves material costs, proves out designs for many types of fabrication equipment.

November 16, 2016Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) and New Valence Robotics (NVBOTS) introduced SAAM (Small Area Additive Manufacturing), a new industrial 3-D printer at FabTech 2016. SAAM is powered by NVBOTS and uses fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology to 3D-print plastic parts directly from a CAD design. Designed as a complement to CI’s BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing), the new system allows designers to prove-out part designs while saving material and time. Once the design has been validated for form and functionality on SAAM, the same CAD files are leveraged to produce larger full-scale parts on BAAM.
The SAAM system offers automated part removal and is paired with NVCloud software that allows users to print parts anytime, from any cloud-connected device – while providing administrators with full control of workflows typical in a shared-use scenario. This combination of capabilities lowers cost and complexity in multi-user environments.

“Additive Manufacturing has opened a new world for parts designers and engineers,” said Carey Chen, President and CEO of Cincinnati Incorporated. “SAAM allows these innovative people to push the boundaries of part design by quickly rendering prototypes, and providing the ability to test their designs prior to full-scale production on the much larger BAAM system. Simply put, SAAM can create a relatively inexpensive print-preview for BAAM. This is another demonstration of how additive manufacturing is shaping the future of manufacturing, especially in industries like aerospace, automotive and heavy equipment.”

SAAM is not only for prototyping BAAM parts. “We can simulate any type of part with the SAAM,” said Chris Haid, Director of Operations & Product Management and Co-Founder, NVBOTS. “The same CAD file we use for the plastic prototype can be sent to a laser, a press brake, or a shear for metal fabrication. It dramatically reduces waste in the design process and allows shops to accelerate moving to the production phase.”

Cincinnati Incorporated will handle sales, distribution and support for the SAAM. For more information on Cincinnati additive manufacturing solutions, press brakes, lasers and other fabrication equipment, contact CI at 513.367.7100 or, or visit


NVBOTS® provides automated 3D printing solutions that deliver high throughput production of parts in a wide range of both metals and plastics. The company’s NVPro plastic printer is Built to Share™. It offers the only automated part removal in the industry, and it pairs with NVCloud software that allows users to print parts anytime, from any cloud-connected device – while providing administrators with full workflow control. These capabilities make the NVPro uniquely suited for continuous, 24-7 operation in multi-user environments. NVBOTS metal printers, in development in its NVLABS division, marry the NVPro platform with the proprietary Metal Additive Deposition (MAD) process – a multi-metal solution that prints 10x faster than any alternative, while dramatically reducing cost and power consumption. NVBOTS is headquartered in Boston, MA. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @NVBOTS and on LinkedIn.


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