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Top Manufacturing Apps to Look for in 2019

Top Manufacturing Apps to Look for in 2019

By Ashley Lipman

From cars that drive themselves to fitness trackers, there’s nothing technology today can’t do. Mobile apps have come a long way, and they make our lives a whole lot easier. This isn’t limited to just mundane tasks around the house or even rideshare technology, rather, apps and software are starting to evolve industries themselves.

The manufacturing industry is one that’s been majorly affected by the introduction of new apps and technology. Now, both mobile and digital apps have offered manufacturers revolutionize their work process. 81% of global CEOs believe that mobile technology is strategically important to grow business today. Not only are these apps more affordable than ever, but they’re adding function to an industry that has gone without change for a while. Let’s explore some of the top manufacturing apps you should keep an eye out for in 2019.

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1. Manufacturing 360

Manufacturing 360 is an app created by Siemens AG. It’s the entire digital manufacturing process on your smartphone. You can access video demonstrations, success stories, and in-depth guides on all parts of the manufacturing process. It’s all about educating the top enterprises on the best technology, practices, and trends. If you want to succeed today, you need to know just what’s around the next corner. Manufacturing 360 makes this possible.

2. 5S-Lean Audit Checklist

Performance is crucial in any manufacturing facility. With 5S-Lean Audit Checklist, operation and plant managers can review the most important checklists on their smartphones. It helps leaders focus on things like lean initiative, tools, and new ways to improve. Because you’re able to track things like safety, employee engagement, and materials, you’ll result in a leaner, more efficient workplace.

3. Manufacturing MRP

With Manufacturing MRP, it’s all about accurately measuring your workplace. You can plan, schedule, and control inventory all on the same system. Even more useful is the real-time communications feature which allows users to display worksheets and alerts based on updates or quality changes. It can even record data from your equipment through API. It’s an all-in-one manufacturing solution.

4. PhotoModeler

Out of all of the most popular manufacturing applications, PhotoModeler is one of the most useful to the industry. While, in the past, capturing large images for 3D models would be expensive and time-consuming, PhotoModeler makes it simple. This software can produce accurate multi-dimensional models of buildings, products, and more. It’s particularly useful when modeling objects and scenes in the field for manufacturing parts for retrofit or renovation work.


5. CMMS Integrated Solutions

Finally, having an integrated maintenance system can help both larger and smaller companies stay organized without having to utilize a combination of additional software. CMMS refers to Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, and it’s all about increasing communication across facilities. Different departments are able to coordinate effectively and make clear technical choices based on data within the system. From tracking costs to managing the status of work orders, this is a customized approach that works for everyone in an organization.

Manufacturing apps and software make every day in this industry a little bit easier. With so much competition, there’s a need to utilize technology to take your business steps further ahead of the competition. These apps above are perfect for businesses of all sizes. It’s time to take your manufacturing company into the 21st century.

6. Fishbowl Manufacturing

For smaller companies that might not need a robust integration platform, Fishbowl Manufacturing offers just the right features. It easily integrates with Quickbooks while also offering inventory control, material requirement planning, and job floor execution. Because it’s based on inventory, you can create barcodes, review assets and materials, and analyze cycle trends. Though this isn’t the easiest program to get started with, it offers free training and support resources online so you can hit the ground running.

7. Marketing and Sales Assessment Tool

One of the most important and most often overlooked parts of the manufacturing process is marketing and sales. With the Marketing and Sales Opportunity Assessment Tool, you can outline any new growth opportunities and create campaigns all in one platform. With input fields you can customize for your company’s needs, there is a way to make this system work for every team. .