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Our Fundable Rewards Campaign was a Success! What’s Next?

Our Fundable Rewards Campaign was a Success! What’s Next?

December 1 marked the last day of our Fundable Rewards campaign and we are proud to say we exceeded our goal! We raised $104,779 which will go toward the donation of several NVPrinters to schools that do not have the financial means to pay for a 3D Printer, with one of the greatest beneficiaries being Citizen Schools. They will be granted up to 20 printers!

As we head into the holiday season, we are excited to give these young, imaginative minds an amazing tool that will inspire them to make their ideas a reality. With 3D Printing, they are able to benefit from hands-on learning and see their ideas come to life. Further, 3D Printing has proven to increase student creativity and drive. In fact, in a recent study conducted with students at Citizen Schools, the efficacy of nearly all students (across a broad range of categories) increased considerably, as a result of learning via the NVPrinter.

These students are able to benefit from a physical realization of their ideas, which gives them extra confidence to follow their dreams. At NVBOTS, we are excited to motivate a new generation of inventors, while taking hands-on learning in education to an entirely new level.

Even though the formal Fundable campaign has concluded, you can still make a difference! We encourage you to reach out to the NVBOTS team to discuss 3D Printing needs in a school system important to you. From offering a flexible 3D Printing Leasing structure, to helping with the creation of 3D Printing curricula, NVBOTS is committed to transforming the way students learn and we invite you to join in our mission.