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  • 3D Print With Any Metal
  • 10x Faster than SLS
  • No Molds Required

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Solving Metal Casting’s Toughest Problems

Geometric Constraints

Molds limit your model designs.


Inefficient Molds

Manually creating molds is costly and time consuming.


Limits of Liquid Metal

Pouring metals requires a multi-million dollar foundry, and you can only pour one metal at a time.


Operators Required

Removing a finished part from a mold takes manpower. Heavy post-machining is required.

Printing With Any Metal


Stainless Steel



Copper Nickel




Research: Making the Impossible a Reality

NVLABS was founded with a simple mission: to push the limits of what’s possible with Ultra-High Speed, Multi-Metal 3D Printing. We stand at the intersection of cloud software, machine learning and advanced printers, tirelessly pursuing better, smarter and faster solutions. When we look forward, we see a global network of 3D printers, factories in a box that instantly serve high-end industrial engineering needs, and a new age of manufacturing, dawning. We’ll keep working the problem until that future is a reality.

Paul Burke

Dr. Paul Burke

With the launch of NVLABS, I most look forward to bridging the gap between manufacturing and R&D. 3D printing is in a transformative state, and NVLABS is set to take things to an entirely new level, granting companies access to state-of-the-art automation and multi-materials printing capabilities that were only imagined until now.

I look forward to partnering with our alpha-testers, and showing the world how our cutting-edge process can deliver high-speed, multi-metal printing using low-cost feed materials with no waste or attrition, resulting in cost-effective manufacturing and scalability that was never before possible.

Here’s to the innovation ahead.

Paul leads NVLABS R&D efforts, commercial projects and innovations. An undisputed metals visionary and expert in sintering, Paul was recently the Lead Researcher and Project Manager at Group Sadoway, working with well-known electrochemistry expert Professor Donald R. Sadoway. Holding numerous positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Paul has successfully led research teams focused on areas such as liquid metal batteries, electrochemical studies and automotive body sheet alloys. He has also held positions at Ambri Inc., Dalhousie University, Novelis Inc., Luxfer Gas Cylinders and Interactive Toy Concepts. Dr. Burke received a PhD in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, as well as a Masters of Applied Science, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, at Dalhousie University.

Forrest Pieper

Forrest Pieper

It’s with great excitement that I join NVLABS. I look forward to helping usher in the next generation of additive manufacturing equipment. From detecting printing errors using computer vision, to precisely correlating failure modes with assembly measurements, our goal is to solve the toughest problems in 3D printing, every day.

Our cloud platform will allow users to customize and optimize workflows, from a small prototyping shop to a large manufacturing operation. Our printing technology will allow engineers to design and build objects that would have been impossible or impractical otherwise.

We look forward to sharing the endless possibilities with the world.

Forrest leads the NVLABS software team. He is an MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science graduate with 5 years of automated robotics design experience. Before joining NVLABS, Forrest worked at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) in the computer graphics group.

Mateo Pena Doll

Mateo Peña Doll is Head of Engineering of NVLABS. He leads the design and  development of hardware products. Mateo graduated from the Mechanical Engineering  Department at MIT, where he focused on control systems, product design and energy.  Mateo has extensive experience with fabrication and precision machine design, including the  design of the NVPro 3D printer frame and the assembly of human-compliant humanoid  robots.

Areth Foster-Webster

Areth is a veteran software engineer with fifteen years experience in planning, developing and scaling software solutions. Before joining NVLABS, he worked at MIT, MetaCarta and Nokia, where he helped develop HERE Maps, a location search product currently used in 80% of in dashboard navigation systems. He particularly enjoys building great tools that automate process and help engineers focus on the job at hand.

Erik Pearson

Erik is a mechanical engineer at NVLABS. An MIT-trained mechanical engineer, Erik’s unconventional approach brings together his background in electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics to solve 3D printing’s most daunting problems. Raised in Bermuda, Erik made the decision to brave the winters of New England to join NVLABS.

Jason John

Jason is a embedded engineer at NVLABS. An expert in embedded systems and electrical interfaces, Jason received his Masters in Electrical Engineering at Western New England University, and is currently is focused on optimization and troubleshooting electrical components for the next generation of NVLABS printers.

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