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The NVBOTS 3D Printing Solution


The NVLibrary is our collection of 3D printable curricula. We have developed numerous projects, models, and lesson plans to help you effectively use 3D printing in your classroom from day one.


The NVPro is the world’s only 3D printer optimized for ease-of-sharing. Once your part is printed, it is automatically removed from the build volume at which point the next part begins to print. No more prying parts off of your printer!


myNVBOTS is our cloud-based 3D printing software suite. With myNVBOTS, you can 3D print with ease. All you need to do is upload your 3D model, select a few basic settings, and then print. It’s as easy as that!

Certified Filament

We calibrate and certify all of our filament. Simply enter your spool ID number, load it into the printer, and start printing high-quality parts from the start.

Full Service and Support

We include support and maintenance on all of our products.

Dozens of 3D Printable Projects

Tested and Certified 3D Models Accompany Each Lesson

Aligned With Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards

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Use Any Device

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automated removal

Automated Part Removal

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Protective Enclosure

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Built-In Camera


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